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We deliver the staycation that dreams are made of while providing award-winning customer service. The memories of friends and family are eternal. Peace and tranquility and the thrill of laughter and fun are all brought to life when there’s a swimming pool at the center of the scene.

No screens, WiFi, or travel required. Just great times as you build a retreat right outside your back door. Join the long list of Tropical Pool customers who have transformed their home into the private oasis it was meant to be.

Pool Designs

Geometric Pools

Geometric Swimming Pools Complement Your Homes Modern Architecture. If your home has sharp lines and strong architecture, a geometric swimming pool may be perfect for you. Clean lines and elegant design make our geometric custom pools a timeless way to refresh, entertain and unwind. 

Tropical Pools’ geometric swimming pools are not standard, or cookie-cutter, pools. We will design a geometric pool to fit your unique property and imagination, incorporating a raised spa or cascading waterfall. There are no limitations; your geometric pool design can be as unique as you wish.

Freeform pools

Freeform pools are a classic design. Usually, they find themselves on large lots with plenty of room for their curvy styling. However, as with any design from Tropical Pools, our freeform pools are custom-tailored to work with the native soils and natural surroundings found on our client’s site.

Basic freeform pool design tends to use natural materials such as Oklahoma flagstone for the pool coping. Freeform pools create a great starting point for other natural stone features such as deep grottos and waterfall “weeping walls” because forming these features is managed with natural stone on curved shapes.

Infinity Edge Pools

There’s something utterly relaxing and mesmerizing about gazing across water that seems to never end. Strikingly beautiful, infinity edge pools create this effect of stretching out forever and blending into the horizon. Perhaps that’s why they’re so popular in resorts around the world, and why more homeowners are choosing to add these magnificent pools in their own backyards.

Of course, with your own backyard oasis that includes an impressive, breathtaking infinity pool, you won’t have to search the globe for the best pools. You’ll have one with a wow factor right in the comfort of your own home.

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