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Geometric Pools

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Proudly Showcase Your Geometric Design

Geometric pool designs come in many shapes. The classic Olympian rectangle is one but straight-line pool design formed to fit your home and desires, including L-Shape and U-Shape geometries.

What matters most is what Tropical Pools does best, a custom design that suits your property and meets your expectations. Just as in a freeform design, geometric pools have grotto features, typically called a “formal grotto” and weeping wall waterfalls that add a bit of sound to your scene.

The great news is the Tropical Pools team are expert geometric pool builders. So you can trust we know how to engineer & build your infinity pool just the way you want it.

Build Your Geometric Pool With Tropical Pools

Most all geometric pool designs carry raised beam walls with water features built-in. In the trade, we call the water features “sheer descents”. Sheer descents in a geometric pool are the most sought-after feature because we can do so much for you in their design. Elevations in the raised beam wall carry sheer descents in differing heights and lengths that create unique designs unique to your style.

Raised columns are a natural design element for a geometric pool design that creates a perfect perch for water bowls and fire bowls that deliver stunning looks day & night. Adding LED light to your sheer descents when designed into the columns scene provides a work of art appeal to your design to be admired even when your gathering is not just for swimming.

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