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Freeform Pools

Freeform pool designs are endless!

Enjoy Designing Your Freeform Pool

Freeform pools are a Southwestern classic design. Usually, they find themselves on large lots with plenty of room for their curvy styling. However, as with any Tropical Pools design, our freeform pools are custom-tailored to work with the native soils and natural surroundings found on our client’s site.

Basic freeform pool design tends to use natural materials such as Oklahoma flagstone for the pool coping. Freeform pools create a great starting point for other natural stone features such as deep grottos and waterfall “weeping walls” because forming these features is managed with natural stone on curved shapes.

The great news is the Tropical Pools team are expert freeform pool builders. So you can trust we know how to engineer & build your infinity pool just the way you want it.

Design Your Freeform Pool With Tropical Pools

Freeform pool designs aren’t always old-world style. Your Tropical Pools Design consultant will show you some of our examples of modern looks with a freeform character. Color & material choices will bring a freeform to life and transport you from a Texas traditional to a 21st century Barcelona style.

Freeform pool designs are great when deep water is your desire. Sweeping rounded curves create deep ends that are broad and transition naturally into the shallow entryways. Diving deep will allow your design features to include a water slide integrated with your rock grotto, a freeform design makes a perfect plan for the entire scene to flow together into one great natural wonder for your build.

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